Wellness is a focus of all we do… from the lifestyles we provide to the programs we offer.

At The Robinson, wellness is a way of life. To us, wellness means more than good health… It’s an approach to living resulting in a stronger mind, body and spirit. We believe wellness means aging gracefully with enjoyment… remaining engaged in your life and making healthy choices. It means being connected… and having friends.  

Elements of our program include a personalized care plan; choice dining/nutrition evaluation; medication assistance; reporting wellness progress to the primary healthcare provider and measuring fitness improvement, such as weight, blood pressure and core strength… and so much more.

Healthy Living Program

The McLean Healthy Living Program is a unique component of our community wellness program. It is designed to provide residents with a safe, effective exercise experience that supports health and well-being in a comfortable setting. Our fitness center is well-equipped with exercise equipment that is easy to use and our warm-water pool is ideal for relieving joint pain while improving strength and flexibility.

Our program is ideal for everyone, and can especially meet your needs following physical or occupational therapy when you want to keep improving and setting new physical fitness goals.